About Us

With the numerous websites and virtual tours available, today's homebuyer is becoming overloaded with information. According to Silverpop's Landing Page Report, a Real Estate Professional only has "8 Seconds to Capture Attention" of the home seeker.

www.gethomes.com Virtual Tours was streamlined to get as many home pictures in front of the customer as possible. "On extremely long panoramic virtual tours, I have noticed that customers were clicking the next button before the picture had a chance to complete the pan" said Patrick R. Stewart a leading designer in the www.getehomes.com website. He continued to state that "if the goal is to get the home's photographs shown, then lets us shorten the pan of the picture to the subject matter". EHomes, LLC was created around this simple philosophy.

EHomes, LLC grew from a small real estate marketing company located in Western North Carolina. It began in 2004 by Patrick R. Stewart who had worked with real estate firms in developing newer marketing techniques as real estate sales were expanded by ever increasing venues of the Internet. Real estate sales have moved into a new, different, and modern era via the Internet. Working with Real Estate Professionals in trying to develop new areas of home sales, we were using Internet programs developed by others to showcase homes on the Internet. Few programs are available and less than a handful are available with movable viewers. Therefore, we saw a need to develop our own virtual tour, which would be simple to use, cost effective, and easily viewed by prospective buyers. With the help of Real Estate Agents, buyers, advertisers, and our Internet developers, we created our own virtual tour system. www.gethomes.com is now being used by all of our clients and is available throughout the U.S. We expect a tremendous growth due to the fact that statistics show that over 80% of the homes available for sale are viewed over the Internet and it shows to be the major source for homes for sale search. We are definitely ahead of the curve in this field that puts EHomes, LLC in a great position.

A great feature about www.getehomes.com is that there is no need take, stitch, or splice together multiple photographs. EHomes, LLC works automatically with any digital photography and with the NEW wide lens cameras. "Easy of operation and time saved using www.gethomes.com is a welcomed feature," says Katie A. a REALTOR in Atlanta, GA.

Since its creation www.getehomes.com has strived to bring the real estate market the easiest and most REALTOR friendly Virtual Tours available. Working together with national Real Estate Professional and home buyers, www.getehomes.com will continue to revamp and improve its website on a continual basis. The future for EHomes, LLC looks bright and the new opportunities for real estate sales through this virtual tour technology seems unlimited.